This tutorial by user Romil Bheda shows us how to get a  FreeBSD virtual machine set up in the Azure Marketplace. FreeBSD was recently added as an option to Microsoft’s cloud virtualization platform. See the link below for the full instructions.

Azure_FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from Research Unix via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

Microsoft has invested in porting their virtualization support (Hyper-V) for FreeBSD. Hyper-V support is available for FreeBSD-9 through the ports tree, but starting with FreeBSD-10 support for Hyper-V is included in the main tree. Currently 10.3 of FreeBSD version is available.

Azure VM guest agent is also available for the communication between FreeBSD Virtual Machine and Azure Fabric. This can perform various operations such as provisioning the virtual machine on first use and enabling the functionality for the selective virtual machine extensions.

Full tutorial: