libremUser gives us an update on his FreeBSD on the Librem notebook. He started the project in this post back in April on getting the FreeBSD operating system set up on Librem, a laptop that caters to freedom and privacy.

I’ve been working on my FreeBSD setup for Purism’s Librem 13 laptop ever since receiving it back in April.  I’m relatively pleased with the way things have progressed, and most of the critical issues have been addressed.  However, the setup still has a way to go in my opinion before it gets to the point of being the “ideal” setup.

Current State

Three of the four critical issues I identified back in April have been addressed:

  • Matt Macy’s i915 graphics patch works well on the Librem 13, and I personally made sure that the suspend/resume support works.  The patch is very stable on the Librem, and I’ve only had one kernel panic the entire time testing it.

  • The HDMI output Just Works™ with the i915 driver.  Even better, it works for both X11 and console modes.

  • Full support for the Atheros 9462 card has been merged in.  I’ve had some occasional issues, but it works for the most part.

  • The vesa weirdness is obviated by i915 support, but it was resolved by using the scfb driver.

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