BSDCan 2016 was held at the University of Ottawa in Ontario on the weekend of June 10-11. The FreeBSD Foundation sponsored several users who have summarized their experiences in the posts below.


2016 heralded my return to BSDCan after a 4 year hiatus. In part, I was inspired to return this year, after I took some holidays in France back in February. I had the distinct pleasure, that weekend, to have supper with just about all the Paris based FreeBSD committers. Plus, I got to meet my first ever mentee, jadawin@, who made a special trip to come visit. Keeping company with these great people for the night reminded me of the great camaraderie I had experienced at the conferences in years gone by, and I wanted to try experience that again. So, I showed up on campus, and everything felt familiar. This was the first good sign! From there, a few familiar faces were revealed, and before too long, it was almost old homecoming for me!

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