The FreeBSD Team has released their full status report for the 2nd Quarter of 2016. Other updates, as noted by Phoronix, are Allwinner SoC support improvements, ARM64 enhancements, LLVM, and GNOME/KDE updates. Follow the link below to see detailed reports from each team project.

Now available: the 2016Q2 model of the FreeBSD Project Status Report!

This quarter brings several exciting improvements over previous models. We have enhancements from different teams, new features like robust mutexes and support for full disk encryption with GELI. You’ll find expanded graphics support, both at the chipset and window manager levels, and ongoing development in many pending features.

Perhaps most exciting, under the hood you’ll find a brand-new Core Team.

Don’t wait. Take FreeBSD for a spin today.

—Michael W. Lucas

Official status report:

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