This article by Hamza Sheikh details his journey of moving from Linux to FreeBSD. He discusses everything from the ports offered, BSD licensing, choosing from the various BSD distributions, to ZFS. See the link below for the full story.linux-circuitry-taringa-5865330.jpg

Before going into why FreeBSD is now my preferred OS for learning UNIX, let us review why I used Linux for a long time.

I started with Red Hat (before RHEL) in the early 2000s; tried to install it on a variety of hardware from CDs found in the back pages of books from the library. There was not a single working install so I gave up. Then came the Ubuntu hype, and around 2006 I built a computer specifically to install and learn it. Everything – except Wi-Fi – worked out of the box. I managed to get Wi-Fi working with ndiswrapper reading a lot of community documentation. I now had a working box and I began my Linux journey.

Why FreeBSD? by Hamza Sheikh –