Adrian Chadd, known for his extensive work on WiFi on FreeBSD, discusses the shortcomings of FreeBSD’s userland services and addresses future solutions. In addition, he discusses the importance of cross compiling in a separate blog.

Now that I’m trying to use more userland services, there are some obvious shortcomings which need addressing.

The first is a lack of real service management. FreeBSD doesn’t have a service management daemon – the framework assumes that daemons implement their own background and monitoring. It would be much nicer if init or something similar to init could manage services and start/restart them where appropriate. Yes, this is one of those arguments for systemd. Eg, maybe I want to only start telnetd or dropbear/sshd whenever a connection comes in. But I’d also like to be able to add services for monitoring, such as dnsmasq and hostapd.

FreeBSD on a tiny system; what’s missing

Musings on bringing up services on freebsd-wifi MIPS devices, or “why cross compiling is important”