The developers of PC-BSD have decided to change the prominent FreeBSD based desktop operating system’s name to TrueOS. The decision was made by lead developer Kris Moore, who founded the project back in 2006. TrueOS will continue to be bundled with Lumina, a lightweight desktop environment designed by Ken Moore.


What Happened to PC-BSD®?

Many are very familiar with the name PC-BSD® and may be wondering why we changed the name. Although it’s a household name for so many, the developers realized this was a time for a new name that would better convey our message. Lead developer Kris Moore had this to say: “We’ve already been using TrueOS® for the server side of PC-BSD®, and it made sense to unify the names. PC-BSD® doesn’t reflect server or embedded well. TrueOS® Desktop/Server/Embedded can be real products, avoids some of the alphabet soup, and gives us a more catchy name.” One important lesson learned from going to conferences is that people can have a hard time remembering the acronym that makes up our name, which is not a good place to start with marketing a product. We’re confident the TrueOS® name will allow people to quickly identify the project. Subsequently, we will be able to convey our brand message in a better and more unified way.

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