The long awaited FreeNAS 10-BETA is now available for download. This new version features a drastically improved graphic user interface, middleware, UI for virtual machine hosting, Docker, ReST API, and a plethora of other features. Please note that the BETA should not be used in production and for testing purposes only. See the link below for the full release notes and download the ISO/image here.



The FreeNAS Development Team is very proud to announce this general-availability BETA release of its totally redesigned, ground-up rewrite of FreeNAS, a release containing dozens of new features, additional polish, and hundreds of bug fixes to the previously released ALPHA2 of FreeNAS 10.

While still not considered “production ready” by any means, we hope that the new features, redesigned middleware, advanced CLI interface, and radically improved User Experience of FreeNAS 10 overall will attract users who are interested in a preview of what is to come with FreeNAS 10 RELEASE.

We also hope that software developers who are keen to understand the internals of this new design, and the ways in which it is facilitating the evolution of entirely new class of features and capabilities, will join us in making their own contributions to what has become the world’s most popular open source storage operating system!

Official announcement:

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