freebsd_foundationThe folks at the FreeBSD Foundation provide us tips on using basic commands on FreeBSD — such as virtual consoles, video modes, user accounts, and using the advanced text editor. Head on to the link below for the full instructions.

A brief introduction to some of the commands and functionality of the FreeBSD operating system. This guide will cover the commands that a new user will need to initially start working with FreeBSD as well as how to use the FreeBSD manual pages for more information.

1. Configuring and Using Video Modes

1.1 Virtual Consoles

FreeBSD is configured to log users into the system console, this is identified as (ttyv0). System messages will be displayed in this console by default, occasionally causing issues if the user is entering commands.

FreeBSD also supports multiple virtual consoles to help with this problem. By default these consoles can be accessed by a combination of the alt and F-keys. For example, alt+F2 will open the first virtual console, alt+F3 will open the second, and so on. To re-access the system console use alt+F1.

Virtual Consoles can be used to create the feeling of having multiple screens that can be used. In addition, commands that have been entered on one console will continue to run when the user switches to a different console.

1.2 Changing Video Modes …

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