User shows us how to install FreeBSD 11, and then provides us 8 tips on what to do after a successful installation. Follow the links below for the full set of instructions.


How to Install Freebsd 11 Unix Server and Its Time to Upgrade

1) Downloading FreeBSD

First browse to Freebsd 11 download page where you can find iso images for USB drive, for burning to disk, to minimal network install. There is also a memstick.img available to be copied to a USB stick using dd command. And all that for various architectures, like PowerPC, SPARC, ARM, etc. We are off course going to use AMD64 which is for 64-bit Intel and AMD processors. Since I am installing it in KVM, I will get the DVD iso with following command


After the download finishes, your course of action depend on how you want to install the FreeBSD. You can burn the image to DVD, to the USB drive, or simply connect the ISO to VM, which I am going to do.

2) Booting the Installer ..

Full tutorial:


8 Things to do after Installing FreeBSD 11 Unix System

After you read our article about FreeBSD 11 install process, you probably want to know a set of commands that you can run to get good FreeBSD usability right after install. FreeBSD UNIX is straight forward to setup and install if you have good up to date guides. So that is what we will make here for you. A guide what to do with FreeBSD 11.0 after install.

1) First update and pkg install

First thing we need to do is install pkg for package management. That step is automatically, you need only to run any update. Following command will do:

pkg update

Full tutorial: