OpenIndiana version 2016.10 has incorporated the FreeBSD boot loader, along with MATE desktop. OpenIndiana is based on Illumos and derived from OpenSolaris, Sun Microsystem’s now defunct open source operating system. Read the full article in the link below.

openindiana-2016-10-unix-os-migrates-to-freebsd-loader-adds-mate-1-14-desktop-509877-2The OpenIndiana 2016.10 “Hipster” release comes with a large number of updated components, new features and under-the-hood improvements, but the most exciting ones are the migration to FreeBSD Loader, porting of Intel KMS (Kernel Mode Setting), the implementation of Python 2.7 by default, the removal of Sun SSH, and the MATE 1.14 desktop, which is now integrated and installed by default.

“The most notable change for users is migration to FreeBSD Loader. After installing new bits, upon the next beadm activate the new loader will be installed instead of GRUB,” reads the release announcement. “This improvement allowed us to modify the text installer so that it can newly install the operating system on RAIDZ/mirror ZFS pools.”

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