User Mezzantrop gives us an update on his BeaST storage system, FreeBSD based dual-controller reliable storage system concept. You can read the full article in the PDF below.

architecture_v5-2-1This enhancement looks extremely important for the BeaST storage system as implementation of high available native ALUA in FreeBSD can potentially replace the BeaST arbitration mechanism (“Arbitrator”), which is completely described in the papers on the BeaST project page.

So lets see what has happened. According to the ctl(4) man page: “The ctl subsystem provides SCSI disk and processor emulation” and “serves as a kernel component of the native iSCSI target”. Among other features it has now reimplemented “High Availability clustering support with ALUA”. See source code revision 287621 by Alexander Motin for more details on the change. Actually this revision was done a year ago and the feature is available both in FreeBSD 11.0 and in 10.3 releases.