User (Computerworld) writes about the developments of FreeBSD on the ARM 64-bit processor. ARM is known for its low-power and is mainly used in mobile devices. Lately, there has been an interest in using the ARM 64-bit processor in servers for cloud and web applications. To learn more, head on over to the link below.

Want to run something other than Linux on a ARM 64-bit server? Soon you can: a small software company has shown FreeBSD running on a 96-core server.

Semihalf, which is based in Poland, demonstrated a beta version of FreeBSD running on a server board built with Cavium’s ThunderX processors. That’s the first hardware based on ARM’s 64-bit processors to run FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is a flavor of the Unix OS developed by the University of California, Berkeley. The OS runs on a broad array of platforms.

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