The Trinity Desktop Environment, forked from the popular K Desktop Environment, has included partial FreeBSD support on their latest release R14.0.4. They welcome additional support from those who are interested in seeing better compatibility with FreeBSD.

tde_r14_0_1_trusty_livecdAside from the new additions, there has been security fixes, switching to a newer version of the Jabber protocol for Kopete, and other maintenance items. Trinity Desktop continues to offer partial FreeBSD support but they acknowledge “progress will probably be slow.” For now the best support for this desktop environment is on Linux distributions.


Support for FreeBSD is still partial and some new issues have arisen with the latest versions of FreeBSD. The TDE team will try their best to improve support for FreeBSD but progress will probably be slow. Additional developers or contributors willing to help porting the remaining features and applications are always welcome.

Trinity Desktop: