Jordan Hubbard has announced the 2nd BETA release of FreeNAS 10. This version adds more features to the previously released BETA, adding support for virtual machine web-based console and GUI, initial setup wizard, asynchronous tasks, on top of the revamped graphic user interface and streamlined settings. See the link below to download and read the full list of changes.


The FreeNAS development team is happy to announce the release of FreeNAS 10 BETA 2. We are also very happy to say that we are now “feature complete” and have feature-parity with FreeNAS 9.10. Anyone who’s been following the FreeNAS 10 development effort knows that FreeNAS 10 represents a complete rewrite of the world’s most popular software-defined storage OS. It adds significant capabilities not seen in Open Source storage: new capabilities for hosting virtual machines and containerized applications, and a ground-up rewrite of the user interface with a scriptable command-line interface.

This post will explain what’s new in FreeNAS 10 BETA 2. If you’re entirely new to FreeNAS 10, don’t worry. You can still jump on board with the aid of these resources:

  1. – This is our download site for FreeNAS and has links to the latest 10 Nightly build.

  2. – This is the FreeNAS 10 testing forum. We have active discussions and explanations for all things FreeNAS 10 there every day, and anyone is free to register and join in.

  3. – This is the FreeNAS project on GitHub, for both FreeNAS 9 and FreeNAS 10.

Official announcement:

Other links: