Last year, Jan Koum donated $1 million to the FreeBSD Foundation, allowing the organization to surpass their fundraising goal for 2015. This year in 2016, Koum donated a large amount once again, helping the organization continue their efforts in funding FreeBSD projects, travel grants, and overall promoting the use of FreeBSD around the world. Koum’s story started with a humble beginning, being raised in an immigrant family, and finding passion as a FreeBSD developer at Yahoo!. He then went on and found WhatsApp, a widely used mobile messenger app, where he deploys FreeBSD to serve nearly a billion users.

freebsd_foundationThe FreeBSD Foundation is thrilled to share the news that thanks to the generosity of Jan Koum, CEO and Co-Founder of WhatsApp, the Foundation is $500,000 closer to reaching our goal for 2016. Jan says, “While WhatsApp today is used by over a billion people, it is FreeBSD that provides the reliability and performance and helps our engineers keep WhatsApp service running efficiently and trouble-free.” The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank Jan for his continued support of the FreeBSD Project and the work we are doing.

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