User eerielinux discusses their experience in using both Linux and *BSD operating systems. PC-BSD and TrueOS are also mentioned. The author describes what its like using ZFSonLinux and ZFS on a FreeBSD system. Follow the link below for the full story.

linux&freebsd2This is kind of the post that I wanted to write much earlier this year. After running a Linux-only environment at home for years, I had become less and less happy with the general direction things seem to be heading. I had run FreeBSD and OpenBSD on real hardware (old laptops) and several versions of PC-BSD in VirtualBox over the years. In January I decided to step forward and install PC-BSD (10.2) on my primary computer for daily usage. It remained a short episode – and this post will describe why. When TrueOS was released to the public I decided to try out that right away. But that will be another post.

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