freebsd_foundationJT Pennington writes about his experience at MeetBSD 2016, which was recently held at UC Berkeley Clark Kerr campus. Pennington’s trip was made possible with a grant from the FreeBSD Foundation. Oladipupo Cornelius Oyediji was also able to attend EuroBSDcon 2016 thanks to the support of the FreeBSD Foundation.

The FreeBSD Foundation was generous enough to sponsor my trip to MeetBSD 2016 this year, and I am extremely appreciative for the ability to attend. MeetBSD 2016 was the first BSD conference I have attended, and it will certainly not be my last. As an ex-Linux Developer who’s attended and spoken at many Linux conferences over the years, I’ve always been curious as to how BSD conferences compare. I’ve been moving away from the Linux community for a couple years now, and am happy to make BSD my new home. Attending MeetBSD this year helped cement in my mind that the FreeBSD community is where I belong.

JT Pennington’s MeetBSD 2016 report:

After perusing for new operating systems to install and work on, I came about the latest version of FreeBSD, then 10.1. I quickly fired up the BSD Wikipedia page to see more about what the FreeBSD OS is all about. Having heard of it several times, I always thought that the operating system is also a part of the Linux family. The Wikipedia page showed that it is a derivative of the BSD 4.4 OS family, which is a deviant of Unix rather than Linux. This strikes my curiosity, I thought to myself, in Nigeria all we do is Linux, I would love to be different and unique by doing what not so many are doing. I later came across the EuroBSDCon 16 travel grant and applied, luckily my application was granted. Preparations towards attending the conference then started.

Oladipupo Cornelius Oyediji’s EuroBSDcon 2016 report:

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