The developers of OPNsense have released their BETA of version 17.1. OPNsense is an open source firewall based on FreeBSD and is also forked from pfSense. Follow the link below to try out their latest BETA release.

Dear friends and followers,

With the best wishes for the holiday season attached we hereby humbly present our 17.1-BETA images and thank everyone for their early input, valid questions and generally keeping us on our toes throughout the past months. The next major release features FreeBSD 11.0, the SSH remote installer, new languages Italian and Czech, state-of-the-art HardenedBSD security features, PHP 7.0, native PAM authentication against e.g. 2FA (TOTP), as well a rewritten Nano-style card images that adapt to the media size to name only a few.

These will be the only beta images. They are not suitable for production environments. Release candidate builds will start in January in order to provide production-ready images. Checksums can be found below this announcement. Direct download links from our capable mirror providers are as follows:

OPNsense 17.1-BETA