phoronixPhoronix has compiled a list of their top BSD related stories for 2016. Head on over to the link below for a list of their most popular articles.

Continuing our end-of-year recaps for the most popular stories on Phoronix, when we’re not busy covering Linux, the BSD operating systems get their share of interest on Phoronix. Here is a look at the exciting BSD advancements made in 2016.

2016 saw the release of FreeBSD 11.0, UbuntuBSD making a few splashes, DragonFlyBSD advancing on several fronts, DRM/KMS Linux drivers seeing more ports to the BSDs, the original Lumina Desktop Environment seeing adoption, PC-BSD becoming TrueOS, and much more.

Here’s a look at our most viewed BSD stories on Phoronix for 2016: …

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Michael Larabel also provides us some benchmark tests of TrueOS and DragonFly against various Linux distros to wind down the year.

phoronixtrueosdflylinuxtestLast week I published various Linux workstation/server distribution OS benchmarks for ending out the year on the Linux distro comparison front (though a desktop/gaming focused comparison is coming this week) while for those curious here are some BSD operating system results compared to the Linux workstation/server performance figures.

For some end-of-year BSD benchmarking were (FreeBSD 12 based) TrueOS 20161215 and DragonFlyBSD 4.6.1 tested on the same Intel Core i7 6800K + MSI C236A WORKSTATION as used for the Linux workstation/server benchmarks from a few days ago. On the same exact system, TrueOS and DragonFlyBSD were both tested out-of-the-box to compare to our numbers from Clear Linux, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, CentOS 7, openSUSE Leap 42.2, and Debian Linux 8.6

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