In this tutorial, user Anton Whalley shows us how to configure your FreeBSD to view flamegraphs in DTrace, allowing a real time look at  your node.js processes. You can learn more about the purpose of a flame graph from Brendan Gregg here. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.


Recently BSD UNIXes are being acknowledged by the application development community as an interesting operating system to deploy to.

This is not surprising given that FreeBSD had jails, the original container system, about 17 years ago and a lot of network focused businesses such as netflix see it as the best way to deliver content.

This developer interest has led to hosting providers supporting FreeBSD.
e.g. Amazon, Azure, Joyent and you can get a 2 months free instance at Digital Ocean.

DTrace is another vital feature for anyone who has had to deal with production issues and has been in FreeBSD since version 9. As of FreeBSD 11 the operating system now contains some great work by Fedor Indutny so you can profile node applications and create flamegraphs of node.js processes without any additional runtime flags or restarting of processes.

Full tutorial: