This issue of BSD Magazine features several interviews: Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation, Shawn Web of HardenedBSD, Henning Brauer of BS Web Services, and Mathilda FFrench of ECHiNOPSII. In addition, you will find content on VMware Storage, OpenBSD, and SSHLock. Check out the link below to download the PDF/EPUB file.

Thank you so much for your patience this issue.

We hope you had an amazing holiday break with your friends and family. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so have an amazing night and a Happy New Year. Hopefully it will be better than 2016, which has been tough to all of us as World Citizens. But we are not here to talk about politics, celebrities or social issues. We are here to talk about BSD… a lot. This issue is full of interviews we have been working on for the past couple of months and managed to complete them all in the same time.

Download BSD Mag vol 10 no 12: