This tutorial by user will show you how to configure a FreeNAS 9 installation to run on your VMware ESXi hypervisor. Check out the two videos below on how to get a FreeNAS virtual environment set up. In addition, Guy, Robot also shows us his custom FreeNAS build at the link below.

Just a quick post today.  Last week I wrote in detail about the NAS that I setup at the start of the year.  It’s been a really fun project – in particular getting FreeNAS running smoothe and stable in a virtual machine using hardware pass-through.

As promised last week I’ve created some detailed videos that look at how to get a fresh ESXi 6.5 installation ready for my hardware (including integration with the Realtek 8110 network card that isn’t supported by default in the latest versions of VMware) and how to configure your FreeNAS installation to be ready to serve iSCSI RAID disks to a hypervisor of your choice.

Rather than go through everything in detail here I’ve created a couple of videos to talk you through the process – check them out below.

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