This tutorial by user Audeuro will show you how to get Dream Daemon running on FreeBSD. Dream Daemon is a tool for using your machine as a server for BYOND games. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.

byondlogoInstalling Dream Daemon(“DD”) on a FreeBSD system is a fairly straightforward process. The caveat is that it will require Linux (32-bit) compat layer(“Linuxolator”). If you do not have root access and cannot request the Linuxolator be enabled, then this guide is not for you.

The first step to installing DD is enabling the Linuxolator. You may refer to this section of the FreeBSD handbook for guidance on doing so, or in summary:

First, ensure Linux support is enabled in the kernel. If your kernel configuration does not enable “options COMPAT_LINUX32”, or you are not sure, then you will need to load it as a kernel module:

kldload linux

Full tutorial: