This tutorial/blog from Victoria Raspberry PiMakers will show you how to get FreeBSD set up on a Beaglebone Black board for a DIY home security solution. In this project, they aim to eliminate the third party, leaving control and privacy in the hands of the user. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.

IotBlockDiagramI’ve been mildly interested in home security and automation for a
few years, and I now have the time and resources to dive in and
see what can be done.

My goals for this project/presentation are:

  1. Introduce the Beaglebone Black;
  2. Use a smartphone as a remote control;
  3. Use the Internet as a conduit for control messages;
  4. Do this securely – i.e. high resistance to break-in and no
  5. Introduce some useful, but maybe little known technologies.

Oh yes, and light an LED and read a sensor.  Here is a block
diagram of the infrastructure:

Full tutorial: