In this tutorial, FreeBSD Security Officer Colin Percival shows us how to set up IPv6 on FreeBSD/EC2 and provides some tips to help simplify the process. Visit the link below to read his full blog.


A few hours ago Amazon announced that they had rolled out IPv6 support in EC2 to 15 regions — everywhere except the Beijing region, apparently. This seems as good a time as any to write about using IPv6 in EC2 on FreeBSD instances.

First, the good news: Future FreeBSD releases will support IPv6 “out of the box” on EC2. I committed changes to HEAD last week, and merged them to the stable/11 branch moments ago, to have FreeBSD automatically use whatever IPv6 addresses EC2 makes available to it.

Next, the annoying news: To get IPv6 support in EC2 from existing FreeBSD releases (10.3, 11.0) you’ll need to run a few simple commands. I consider this unfortunate but inevitable: While Amazon has been unusually helpful recently, there’s nothing they could have done to get support for their IPv6 networking configuration into FreeBSD a year before they launched it.

To enable IPv6 support in an existing FreeBSD EC2 instance, you’ll need to do three things: …

Full tutorial: