Ed Maste, Director of Project Development at the FreeBSD Foundation, updates us with the project initiatives so far in 2017. Read more on their ideas, selection, and development process at the Foundation website below.

freebsd_foundationHappy new year and welcome to 2017! In this update, I’ll take the opportunity to look at how the FreeBSD Foundation identifies, reviews, and chooses projects to be undertaken by paid development staff and by recipients of project development grants.

The Foundation chooses projects based on a variety of factors, but one common theme is that we try to identify gaps in work taken on by FreeBSD committers, contributors, and developers employed by companies building products on top of FreeBSD. Our goal is never to supplant development that is already happening in the community, but to augment and complement it. For staff development, we will take on projects that are of broad interest, but require too much effort for individual contributors to justify. We also act as a liaison, coordinating shared effort from multiple parties with a common goal of improving FreeBSD in some manner.

FreeBSD Foundation January 2017 Projects Update: https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/blog/january-2017-projects-update/