Codership has announced Galera Cluster Packages support for FreeBSD. Galera Cluster Packages is an open-source database cluster for MySQL high availability, allowing for scaling out or scaling in when needed. You can try it out for FreeBSD by viewing a short tutorial at the link below.

galera_replication1Galera Cluster on FreeBSD

Galera Cluster for MySQL already runs on FreeBSD in large organizations that handle mission-critical and security-sensitive data. With Galera 3.20, we are now providing compilation fixes, ports scripts and binary packages for FreeBSD.

If you are a FreeBSD user, please give those scripts and packages a try! We welcome all feedback at info [&] .

Binary Packages

You can find Galera Cluster binary packages for FreeBSD in our package repository.

Using the Galera Cluster Ports …

Galera Cluster Packages for FreeBSD –