The developers of FreeBSD have released their status report for the 4th Quarter of 2016. Here you will find detailed reports from the Release Engineering Team, Ports Collection, FreeBSD Core Team, and FreeBSD Foundation. Projects highlighted are Ceph on FreeBSD, OpenBSM, Sysctl Exporter for Prometheus, the Graphics Stack, FreeBSD Hyper-V and Azure, and many more.


Another year has passed (and another has gotten well underway, while we worked to assemble this report). Over the past two years that I have been part of the monthly@ team that assembles these reports, it has been enlightening to watch the individual entries pass through my emacs and/or vim. These reports give me a picture of what is going on with FreeBSD that I could not get just from reading commit mail; I hope that is also true for our readers.

This quarter brings the usual mix of continuations of many stalwart projects and entires of new participants, as well as the return of some items after a few quarters’ hiatus. Enjoy and be enlightened!

—Benjamin Kaduk

Original announcement:

Official status report:

Work on FreeBSD as they ended out 2016 included finalizing 11.0-RELEASE, expanding the Ports Tree to now more than 27,000 packages, better supporting Azure and Hyper-V for virtualization, improve ARM and ARM64 support, advance their reproducible builds support so that about 80% of the ports tree can now be built reproducibly, made progress on LLVM’s LLD linker as their system linker, continued porting the LXQt desktop to FreeBSD, and more.