MirageOS is a library operating system that builds unikernels for the purpose of high-performance network applications for cloud and mobile platforms. Recently, the developers have announced support for KVM hypervisor and FreeBSD’s bhyve. Read the full article for more information on what this capability brings.

Unikernels-620x300Expanding Unikernels Support

Previously, unikernels created using MirageOS were far from being able to boot anywhere. They supported only environments hosted using the Xen hypervisor.

With the release of MirageOS 3.0, however, the platform now supports the KVM and FreeBSD bhyve hypervisors, too. That’s significant because it brings the unikernels a step closer to realizing their full potential—which is to be entirely environment-agnostic and capable of booting anywhere.

Original article: http://containerjournal.com/2017/02/27/mirageos-unikernels-now-support-kvm-freebsd-bhyve/

Hosting Journalist: http://www.hostingjournalist.com/iaas-hosting/xen-projects-mirageos-expands-its-ecosystem-in-latest-release/