This issue of BSD Magazine features articles discussing infrastructure management, from active directory with SMB and BIND on FreeBSD, server management, OpenBSD, OPNsense, and more. Head on over to the link below to download the PDF/EPUB file.


Dear Readers,

The BSD team and I are delighted to declare a new coming issue of BSD Magazine.
Let’s take a look at what you will encounter in this issue of BSD. Our experts will instruct you on how to deal with Virtual Firewall and how to install OPNsense on Bhyve. Thereafter, we will be heading to OpenBSD as a Gateway Firewall for SOHO and Enterprise Networks. In this issue, you will read more on SmartOS Containers. Last but not least, we’ll share more concerning a FreeBSD Server Management with Ansible, Active Directory with Samba and BIND on FreeBSD, OPNsense, and much more. Make sure to check out this issue for more articles and tutorials.

Best regards,
Ewa & The BSD Team

PS. As always, we invite other experts, companies, reviewers for collaboration for future work and issues.

BSD Mag Vol. 11 No. 02 Issue 02/2017: