This tutorial by user 0r0 will show us how to get qutebrowser set up on TrueOS or FreeBSD. Qutebrowser is a minimal GUI browser that focuses on keyboard. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.


qutebrowser ( is a lightweight browser with vim-like keybindings and userscript support. Before I discovered it, I found most other browsers that I tried to be bloated, slow, or poorly maintained and out-of-date. Now I rarely use any other browser.

Unfortunately, qutebrowser is not (yet) in the FreeBSD ports tree. I worked out how to install it, and thought I would share my notes here in case they are of use to someone else. If you want to try qutebrowser before going through the steps below, there are binary packages available for OpenBSD, OSX, Windows and many flavors of Linux (see

As noted below there are a couple of steps that take a while, but they can be unattended (ie, you can be doing something else). Overall it’s fairly easy once you know the steps. qutebrowser can run with with either a webkit or (not yet fully-featured) webengine backend, but because the latter requires PyQt5 5.7 or higher, these steps will give you a webkit-only browser until that FreeBSD port is upgraded.

Full tutorial: