It has arrived. iXsystems released FreeNAS Corral, the new name and brand for FreeNAS 10. FreeNAS Corral extends the capabilities of FreeNAS’ enterprise-grade storage by adding virtual machine and Docker container management. Along with these expansions, FreeNAS Corral brings even more to the table. Follow the link below to learn about all the new enhancements that come with FreeNAS Corral.


FreeNAS_Corral_OFFICIAL_Intro_Graphic (1)


FreeNAS Corral, the latest version of FreeNAS, combines sophisticated storage, virtualization, containers, and GUI management in a brand new interface

iXsystems, the industry leader in storage and servers driven by Open Source, today released FreeNAS 10 and unveiled the FreeNAS Corral brand. With FreeNAS Corral (formerly FreeNAS 10), iXsystems introduces the next generation of the world’s most popular Open Source software-defined storage software. FreeNAS Corral extends FreeNAS’ enterprise-grade storage capabilities by adding virtual machine and Docker container management. FreeNAS Corral enables the integration of software-defined storage into VMs and provides persistent storage for Docker containers. These enhancements are provided through a re-designed graphical user interface (GUI) and a powerful command line interface (CLI), making FreeNAS both easier to use and more capable than ever. The new Corral name represents what this release does best: corralling data, virtual machines, containers, and storage services under one management interface.

Original article: https://www.ixsystems.com/blog/ixsystems-launches-freenas-corral-open-source-solution-building-hyper-converged-infrastructures/