Patrick Kennedy ( interviews Jordan Hubbard, FreeBSD Co-Founder and FreeNAS Project Manager, regarding the new release of FreeNAS Corral. Check out the link below to read the full interview!

STH: Jordan, would you mind giving STH readers a quick background about yourself?

Jordan: Sure, I’ve been a software developer since the late 1970’s and got into Open Source back in the days of USENET, when we would furtively post our code to comp.sources.unix and ask for forgiveness rather than permission most of the time.  Since Open Source became legitimate and moved out of the shadows, I have been involved in a number of open source projects, from FreeBSD to Darwin (at Apple) and now FreeNAS, as the CTO of iXsystems.   I also went to the dark side (engineering management) about 15 years ago, so I do far less coding than managing these days, but what can you do.

FreeNAS Corral – A Tipping Point for the Popular NAS OS – Our Interview with Jordan Hubbard

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