This in-depth guide by Cooltrainer will show you how to set up FreeBSD 11 as a desktop operating system. Head over to the link below for the full set of instructions.

FreeBSD is a fast, secure, modern Unix-like operating system with a fantastic community, great documentation, and powerful technologies like ZFS and LLVM. It’s my operating system of choice for everything from my i7-2600k desktop to my home router to my ARM plug computer jukebox. Though famed for its uptime in the datacenter the same OS is just as suited to desktop or laptop computing with a little work.

New Installations

The Getting FreeBSD page has links to ISOs for the six tier 1 architectures. This guide focuses on amd64/i386 PCs though is broadly applicable to them all. The ISOs are available in bootonly, CD, DVD, and memstick. I usually grab the nearest >1GB USB drive and ddthe newest memstick image to it. The larger DVD images are available complete with Ports distribution files for those doing fully-offline installations.

Full tutorial:


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