FreeNAS Corral development has been put to a stop, and the developers will be working to include its key features to FreeNAS 9.10. It should be noted that Corral should not be used in production. Please read the statement by Kris Moore at the FreeNAS forums.

FreeNAS Corral as it was originally released is being relegated to “TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW” status while we work hard to re-base its exciting new features upon the rock-solid FreeNAS 9.10 base.

As many of you diehard FreeNAS® users know, we released FreeNAS Corral on March 15th, and the initial Community response was largely positive. There was a lot of excitement around the updated UI and the VM/Docker support, especially. However, we’ve also seen nearly half of the initial users revert back to FreeNAS 9.10. User feedback about this drop-off has been clear:  challenges upgrading from 9.10, general instability, lack of feature parity with 9.10 (Jails, iSCSI, etc), and some users experiencing lower performance than expected given the increased demands FreeNAS Corral has on system hardware resources.  With the subsequent departure of the FreeNAS Corral project lead, we re-examined the features, benefits, and issues with Corral and have decided to revise our plan for its future.

Important announcement regarding FreeNAS Corral: