The developers of TrueOS have made available the 4/24/17 STABLE update. To see a full list of changes, follow the link below. Download the ISO/IMG here. The developer of Lumina has announced a preview of lumina-mediaplayer which can be seen below.

After testing the UNSTABLE push over the weekend, the devs are happy to release a new STABLE update and installation files today! This update consists of two parts: installer changes for those who install TrueOS fresh, and general updates for systems with TrueOS already installed. To install TrueOS fresh, the latest (labeled 2017-4-21) .iso and .img files are available here.

General Updates

  • Nvidia/graphics driver detection fixes.
  • Boot environment listing fix (FreeBSD boot-loader only)
  • Virtual box issues fixed on most systems. There appears to be a regression in VirtualBox 5.1 with some hardware.
  • New icon themes for Lumina (Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme).
  • We removed the legacy pc-diskmanager.

Official announcement:


Phoronix discussion:

1.3.0 Development Preview: lumina-mediaplayer