The FreeBSD Foundation gives up an update on a project led by Edward Tomasz Napiera?. Edward was able to develop a USB mass storage target driver, utililizing FreeBSD CAM Target Layer (CTL) for the backend. Head over to the Foundation’s page below for a full description on the project.

FreeBSD USB Mass Storage Target Project Update

FreeBSD runs on many embedded boards that provide a USB target or USB On-the-Go (OTG) interface. This allows the embedded target to act as a USB device, and present one or more interfaces (USB device classes) to a USB host. That host could be running FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, or another operating system. USB device classes include audio input or output (e.g. headphones), mass storage (USB flash drives), human interface device (keyboards, mice), communications (Ethernet adapters), and many others.

FreeBSD Foundation April 2017 Dev Update: