The developers of FreeNAS have announced the first version 11.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE. This version includes a FreeBSD 11 base, Samba & Netatalk update, speed improvements for 40/100 GigE networking, a preview of a new UI, and more. See the link below for a full list of changes. Download the ISO here.

I’m pleased to provide a quick update on the status of FreeNAS 11.0. The RC1 update was released this morning, and can be installed via ISO or updated to by switching to the FreeNAS-11-STABLE train in the System -> Update tab. We decided to start this series off with a Release Candidate (RC) version, because it is rebased on a newer version of FreeBSD (11-STABLE). This version has been tested in the nightlies for several months now, but just to play it safe we are asking for users to test out this release and let us know immediately if anything regresses. Or, if you want to let us know that it improves specific things, that’s cool as well.

Now, for the stats. Your loyal, dedicated, and attractive FreeNAS development team has been hard at work on this release. As of this morning, 11.0-RC includes 111 bug fixes and 23 new features. In addition the user-guide has been updated for 11 as well. As usual, if you find bugs please report them ASAP, since we can only fix things that we know about…

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