The FreeBSD Foundation gives us some guidelines and ways to help promote the open source operating system at events, conferences, and trade shows around the world. Follow the link below for the full post.

Attending conferences is not only an excellent way to gain new skills and meet new collaborators, but it’s also an ideal place to spread the word about FreeBSD. Whether it’s giving a presentation or just talking to folks during the hallway track, you can help the community grow by engaging other conference attendees in the following ways:

Raise Awareness About the FreeBSD Project.


  • Highlight the latest developments
  • What’s new in FreeBSD 11
    • arm64 work
    • Showcase the features that make it the OS of choice
  • Highlight the research platform aspect
  • Point interested parties to getting started locations
    • Foundation How to Guides:
    • Get Involved Brochure
    • FreeBSD Handbook
    • Digital Ocean tutorials
  • Talk about the welcoming community/ plentiful documentation
  • Mention how obtaining a FreeBSD skill set is a marketable job skill for students and job seekers
  • For desktop questions, mention TrueOS

Questions to Ask …

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