Check out these discussion posts of various users’ experience in using FreeBSD as a desktop and in the home lab.

FreeBSD as Main PC OS OR NOT? from freebsd

CentOS 7 vs FreeBSD from homelab

This tiny machine has been with me for a few years now, It has mostly run OS X though I have tried OpenBSD on it. Besides the screen resolution I’m still really happy with it, hardware wise. Software wise, not so much. I use an external disk containing a zpool with my data on it. Among this data are several source trees. CVS on a ZFS filesystem on OS X is painfully slow. I dislike that builds running inside are slow at the expense of a responsive UI. The system seems fragile, at the slightest push the machine will either hang or become unresponsive. Buggy serial drivers which do not implement the break signal and cause instability are frustrating.

FreeBSD on 11? MacBook Air 5,1 (mid-2012)