For May 2017 (Summer), the FreeBSD Foundation began hiring co-op students from the University of Waterloo. The University of Waterloo is a pioneer and leader of co-op education. They chose CS students Siva Mahadevan and Guangyuan (Charlie) Yang for the summer project due to each of them creating their own Continuous Integration systems. Siva’s Tinderbox style dashboard view for the FreeBSD Jenkins Continuous Integration (Ci) system, which can be seen here: Similarly. Charlie created a project investigating FreeBSD on the ARM-based BeagleBone Green. See the link below to read the entire report.

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Michael Larabel of Phoronix reports that 64-bit inodes support is now available in FreeBSD via the ino64 project, according to a commit for FreeBSD 12.

This week FreeBSD has finally merged the fruits of the ino64 project: 64-bit inodes support.

While Linux and other operating systems (including DragonFlyBSD) have supported 64-bit inodes for data structures on file-systems, FreeBSD has been limited to 32-bit. But thanks to the work of many on the ino64 project, FreeBSD now has support for 64-bit inodes while retaining backwards compatibility.