In this tutorial, user SaskiFX shows us how to get RancherOS set up on FreeNAS 11 via Docker, along with Portainer. RancherOS is a Linux is distribution designed for containers. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

So when FreeNAS 11 came, I updated from 9.10 to get rolling on the new options. Unfortunately this killed my VirtualBox jail that I was using to run some services I couldn’t get working in a jail. So I started looking on how to get Docker running under FreeNAS 11 so I could replace those services and get some future proofing for the 11.1 and onward releases that should support Docker out of the box. From the posts on the forums they look to be heading for RancherOS as the underlying Docker operating system.

I originally tried to get this working under the default VM tab in the new interface, but it was not cooperating. I then moved over to using iohyve and bhyve from the command line to get this working. Here are the basic steps I used to get this kicking.


Setup the iohyve pool and options. Select where the pool you want, and the main network card you want attached.
iohyve setup pool=<storage pool> kmod=1 net=<NIC>

Fetch the latest RancherOS iso for the install.
iohyve fetch

Should see the ISO you downloaded above listed.
iohyve isolist

Create the VM, and give it a size of disk you need. I used 40G since I wouldn’t need tons of space.
iohyve create RancherOS <SIZE>G

Set the VM startup options. I’m keeping this minimal as I don’t want to take too many resources. Adjust the ram and cpu as you want.
iohyve set RancherOS loader=grub-bhyve ram=2G cpu=1 con=nmdm0 os=debian

Should see the VM listed now.
iohyve list

RancherOS Install …

Full tutorial: