The developers of TrueOS have released a stable/unstable update fixing several bugs, experimenting with FreeBSD ino64, and a patch for Intel Wireless 8265 patch. Download the latest update here.

We’ve pushed several fixes to the UNSTABLE and STABLE branches over the last week:

  • /etc/init.d/routing startup errors.
  • Virtualbox now properly loads vboxnet modules.
  • Webcamd is enabled by default.
  • The TrueOS installer now defaults to a “fresh” installation.


The developers of Lumina have released the latest version 1.3.0 — adding a new icon theme, releasing the lumina-mediaplayer, and updating the Insight filemanager.

Notable changes include new icon themes, a number of updates to the file manager, and the release of the lightweight lumina-mediaplayer utility. There appear to be a large number of performance improvements and bugfixes too, which are always welcome.

  1. The Lumina desktop now distributes it’s own “material-design-[light/dark]” icon themes and uses them as the default icon sets. This replaces the “oxygen” icon theme dependency which came from the KDE project. Of course, other icon themes (including the “oxygen” theme) may still be installed and used on-demand as well.
  2. The lumina-mediaplayer utility is a brand-new utility designed for streaming online radio content (Pandora radio at the moment) and playback of local media files.
  3. The Insight file manager is updated with performance and visual improvements – one of which is the new “tree view” of all the directories on the system, so it becomes trivial to browse the local system.

Lumina 1.3.0 is released!: