The developers of FreeBSD have made available the 3rd release candidate of version 11.1. FreeBSD 11.1 is slated to release on July 21. See the full release notes at the link below and download the ISO here.

A summary of changes since 11.1-RC2 includes:

o A rare truncation case has been fixed in the runtime linker.

o Signatures of several pthread(3) stubs have been corrected.

o Deprecation notices have been added to gdb(1), kgdb(1), sicontrol(8),
  wlconfig(8), as well as several drivers that have been removed from

o Loop termination in vm_map_find_min() has been fixed.

o The layout of the vm_map_entry struct has been restored.  See the
  "SPECIAL NOTE" below for one known corner case regarding this.

o The Heimdal KDC-REP service encrypted ticket usage has been fixed.

o An issue where some Intel SDHCI/eMMC controllers can fail on the first
  attempt after a D3 to D0 transition has been fixed.

o Capsicum support has been added to bhyve(4).

A list of changes since 11.0-RELEASE are available in the releng/11.1
release notes:

Please note, the release notes page is not yet complete, and will be
updated on an ongoing basis as the 11.1-RELEASE cycle progresses.

Official announcement:

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