User Hazimil shows us how to get ClamAV, an open-source antivirus engine, set up on a FreeNAS 11 server. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions on how to make your ZFS filesystem even more secure.

Hi All, I’ve noticed a few posts about whether you should do an anti-virus scan on you NAS files, and thought I look into seeing how easy/hard it was to do.

One advantage to doing this is that your files are scanned by a different anti-virus product than what you have installed on your desktops (assuming you are not using ClamAV on your PC!).  This is good practice within IT, i.e. having a 2nd-line anti-virus scanner (on servers) which is different than the one on your desktops.

So how did I do it on FreeNAS v11.0-U2?

Step 1
Create a new Jail called “ClamAV”.

Step 2
Open a Shell window to the new Jail and run the following commands:

pkg update
pkg install clamav

Step 3 …

Full tutorial: