HowtoForge shows us how to get a MySQL server set up with phpMyAdmin on FreeBSD. Installing an Apache server is also documented in the process. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.

MySQL is a free and open source relational management system. It stores data in tabular format. It is the most popular way of storing the data into the database. phpMyAdmin is also a free and open source application used to administrate a MySQL server instance through a rich graphical user interface. phpMyAdmin is written in PHP. To install phpMyAdmin, we will also need to install a web server with PHP on FreeBSD.

In this tutorial, we will install MySQL with phpMyAdmin along with Apache web server with PHP 5.6.


  • Minimal FreeBSD 11 server.
  • Root privileges. This guide is written as the root user, if you are logged in as sudo user, run sudo -i.

Update Base System

Before installing any package it is recommended that you update the packages and repository using the following command…

Full tutorial: