The developers of FreeBSD have made available the first RELEASE candidate for version 10.4. Check out the detailed list of changes at the mailing list page. Download the latest ISO here. Note that RC2 may be released shortly after the time of this posting.

=== Noteworthy Changes Since 10.4-BETA4 ===

o An upstream fix for zlib compression has been merged.  The bug
  had caused the embedded Tomcat web server of UniFi Controllers
  to send out incorrectly compressed responses.

o The Linux statfs ftype is now aware of ZFS.

o A bug in bsdinstall(8) causing ifconfig_$INTERFACE lines to be
  added to /etc/rc.conf for unsuccessful DHCP attempts has been

o The usermod command of the pw(8) utility now correctly handles
  empty secondary group lists (`pw usermod <user> -G ''`) and its
  useradd command no longer will add entries with invalid user
  names, e. g. ones containing spaces.

o The zfs(8) error message displayed when rejecting a checksum
  selection now no longer suggests unsupported hash algorithms
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