User Andrey Cherkashin shows us how to use Docker containers on FreeNAS 11 or FreeBSD 11. You’ll be using bHyve and RancherOS during the setup process. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.

This is a simple write-up to setup Docker on FreeNAS 11 or FreeBSD 11.

But muh jails?

You know that jails are dope and you know that jails are dope, yet no one else knows it. So here we are stuck with docker. Two years ago I would be the last person to recommend using docker, but a whole lot of things has changes past years…

So jails are dead then?

No, jails are still dope, but jails lack tools to manage them. Yes, there are a few tools, but they meant for hard-core FreeBSD users who used to suffering. Docker allows you to run applications without deep knowledge of application you’re running. It will also allow you to run applications that are not ported to FreeBSD.


All you need is terminal with root access via sudo.

Full tutorial:

A practical guide to containers on FreeNAS for a depraved psychopath. from freenas