Check out this lengthy discussion on /r/FreeBSD about current hardware for support for FreeBSD. In addition, another thread discusses the current state of gaming on FreeBSD.

There you go. :)

Yes, basically all amd64 procs are supported.

Ryzen also works very nicely as well. Really not notably different from a OS standpoint than previous ones.

FreeBSD Hardware Support from freebsd

Working on it :)

12-CURRENT with drm-next-kmod supports modern Intel and AMD Radeon GPUs, and nVidia provides their official proprietary driver.

Check out my ports fork — it already includes Mesa 17.2.1 with Vulkan drivers (for Radeon mostly), the Vulkan loader, vkQuake, fixed OpenMW, VCMI, Dolphin from git master, and more. (Most of this stuff will eventually end up in upstream ports…)

So you can play Wii/GameCube games in Dolphin (with Vulkan), PS3 games in RPCS3 (also with Vulkan), 3DS games in Citra, PSP games in PPSSPP… also Linux games with the Linux compatibility layer (“Linuxulator”), Windows games in Wine, WebGL games in Firefox or Chromium.

However, there’s no WoW64 Wine (both 32 and 64 bit app support) in ports/pkg yet — you have to build that manually. Linuxulator doesn’t run current Steam yet (doesn’t connect to the server because some socket option isn’t implemented)…

How Good is Gaming on FreeBSD? from freebsd